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EmptyUp - One empty house, coming right up!

One empty house, coming right up!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does EmptyUP Work?

EmptyUP is a full-service estate sale and moving company that manages the entire transition out of a home, apartment or business.  We handle the sorting, pick-up, donation, discard and sale of all items.  EmptyUP comes to you and is a singular point of contact so that you never have to deal with the frustration and inconvenience of using multiple companies again. EmptyUP staff will review your submitted pictures and schedule an on-site free consultation.  Once the particulars are agreed upon and a start date is scheduled we arrive at your location with a vehicle and a team of movers and a dedicated appraiser to pack and inventory your items.  Depending on what you hire us for we can handle the moving, cleaning, selling, donating one at a time or handle all of it at once.

How Does EmptyUp Differ From Other Companies

 With traditional self-storage units, security is not guaranteed and you have to do all the work. It’s up to you to pack and organize your belongings, and you have to remember what’s in your storage unit. So, unless you have a system, it’s really easy to lose track of what you have in your storage unit.Clutter offers better security than self-storage, all plans are backed up by a Limited Security Warranty Policy. We also offer $1000 and $2500 protection plans for a low monthly rate at the time you book your first pick-up. Not only does Clutter provide secure storage for your items, Clutter makes storage easy by doing all the lifting, driving, packing and itemizing for you. 

What Will You Sell?

We can sell almost every item in the house, including: Furniture, jewelry, antiques, sports equipment, clothes, holiday decor, appliances, vehicles, watches, handbags, collectibles, militaria, electronics, lighting, pretty much anything except the following:

  • Liquids of any kind (including cosmetics and toiletries)
  • Food or Perishables
  • Illegal/controlled substances of any kind
  • Hazardous materials (i.e. anything containing gas, anything combustible/flammable, firearms, explosives, used tires, chemicals, radioactive/biological/toxic materials, anything containing asbestos)
  • Living things (e.g. house plants, fish, or animals)
  • Grand Pianos (additional fees)
  • Pool Tables (additional fees)
  • Any items that emit smells/fumes.

For a complete list of prohibited items please see our Terms Of Service

What If It Doesn't Sell?

When an item doesn't sell we reach out to our vast network of donation centers and attempt to find it a good home - at no additional cost to you.  Items that can't be sold or donated then are recycled or discarded.  Debris removal fees may apply.

What Are Your Service Locations?

EmptyUP serves all addresses within New York City, Long Island (Nassau & Suffolk Counties) and Westchester County.

To check to see if EmptyUP is in your neighborhood, visit our Locations Page

Can I Access Items Once You Pick Them Up?

EmptyUp staff works directly with you during the sorting and packing phase to ensure that no items are removed unless they're supposed to be.

For security purposes, our storage facilities are closed to the public. Once an item is removed you will no longer be able to access it.

EmptyUP General Pricing

See Pricing Page For Additional Information - Prices in certain locations may be higher and additional fees may apply

General Questions

How Does The Deposit Work?

For your first pick-up, a $100 non-refundable deposit is charged to your card 48 hours prior to the appointment. After the pick-up is complete, the deposit is automatically applied towards your first invoice. If you cancel or reschedule your pick-up with less than 48 hour’s notice, you forfeit the deposit.For Chicago customers: A labor bundle charge will be charged to your card upon booking. If the reservation is cancelled within 24 hours of booking, this charge is fully refundable. After 24 hours, the labor bundle charge is non-refundable. 

How Much Does It Cost?

As a Clutter customer, your labor rates are the same for all pick-ups and deliveries. We don't charge for travel time, and the clock doesn't start until we get to your location.If you signed up for a storage plan with a one-month paid minimum term, labor costs $65 per mover, per hour with a one hour minimum. If you signed up for a plan with a 12-month paid minimum term, labor costs $35 per mover, per hour with a one hour minimum. 

How Does EmptyUP Handle Billing?

All initial fees are deducted from your deposit.  Any remaining expenses will be deducted from your gross proceeds following the end of the sale period.  You will be provided a detailed invoice explaining all charges.

Can I Place a Reserve On An Item

Depending on the item we may be able to place a reserve on a select number of items in your sale.  In order to do this we will evaluate fair market value and if your reserve falls within this range we will accept your reserve price.  If your reserve exceeds current fair market value we will ask that the reserve be removed or the item simply be kept.

What If An Item Doesn't Sell Within 30 Days

At the end of our 30 day sales period any remaining items are donated or recycled/discarded.  If you wish to have items returned to you, these items must be determined prior to the sale period.  These items can be returned or moved to another location for an additional fee.

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Packing & Boxing

How Can I Prepare For EmptyUP?

Here are some tips to help you prepare for your EmptyUP:

Disassemble furniture. If you are able to dissamble furniture such as beds and tables it will cut down on labor costs.

Wait to seal boxes. EmptyUp staff will review and photograph items to create a detailed inventory.  Any sealed boxes will have to be opened prior to pick up - sealed boxes which cannot be opened will be left at the property.

Keep Items Where They Are. People tend to move items from room to room when they pack.  We have found that it is easier to sort when the items are in their intended room, e.g. flatware in the kitchen instead of the upstairs bedroom. 

Don't Throw Anything Out. While it may save you some labor hours it is generally best to let EmptyUp staff do the initial sort.  As estate sale specialists we know what sells and what doesn't.  We have picked thousands of dollars worth of items out of the garbage of client's house.  

Should I Help Pack?

If the items are being removed to be sold or disposed of then we don't recommend you spending time packing.

What we do suggest is that you pack any items that you are keeping, especially private papers and documents, personal effects and items you do not wish being handled by our staff.

If any of these items are accidently packed and are found by our staff later they will be returned.

Additional Labor Usually Is Associated With:

  • Furniture needs to be wrapped
  • Artwork needs to be packaged and boxed
  • Long distance from door to parking area
  • Dedicated moving elevator not available
  • Items being moved to storage are not already packed in boxes
  • Our movers are waiting for you to arrive onsite

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