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EmptyUp - One empty house, coming right up!

One empty house, coming right up!

The EmptyUP Process

The Pack-Up

We take pictures, pack out the entire house; garages, attics even that crawl space and move everything off-site to be sorted; leaving you broom swept and spiffy clean.

The Estate Sale

Online & On-site, we sell everything we can for top dollar, donating the rest and recycling what's left. Making sure everything finds a great home.

The Guarantee

After that we overnight you a check - making you one happy camper - and showing you how EmptyUP is the fastest, simplest and easiest way to empty your house.

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How We Do It

Free Consultation

Once we receive and review your pictures we'll be able to properly schedule your free consultation and assign you an EmptyUP Specialist.  During this consultation we will provide you a general approximation of gross sale proceeds and any potential fees that may be incurred.

The Move-Out

Just like a traditional moving company we are able to pack all of your items and get them ready for shipment.  The difference is that we pack not only the items you are keeping - and can deliver them to your final destination - but we also pack all of the items you are selling.  This simplifies the entire moving process by having one singular point of contact for all of your needs.

Broom Swept Cleanout

One of the most important features we offer our clients is the ability to expedite cleaning required for a house closing or lease termination. Rather than wait for an estate sale to determine what is sold, donated or discarded we remove everything at once and leave you broom swept in hours rather than weeks.

The Sort

We can either sort items on-site or if time is a factor bring everything off site.  The sort is where we determine what should be donated, discarded and sold.  We also remove any sensitive or private items and contact you on where you would like them delivered or properly disposed of.

Estate Sale, Donation & Recycle

We conduct a traditional estate sale; blending on-site sales, an auction and consignment to bring top dollar for your items.  Items that don't sell are then donated and what's left is recycled or discarded.

Final Settlement

At the conclusion of the 15-day sales period, when all checks and credit card payments have cleared, you'll receive an accounting of what sold and for how much along with your check, less fees and commission.

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Michael F. - Bridgehampton, NY

"These guys were great. Would highly recommend."

Louise S. - Kings Point, NY

"Didn't know this existed until I really needed it.  Glad my agent put us in touch.  Really appreciate it."

Peggy S. - New York

"Thanks so much, you guys helped my mom out and I thought we were stuck in HOA Limbo.  Couldn't have done it without you"

Greg T. - Floral Park, NY

"Very professional.  Efficient, respectful staff.  Would confidently recommend this company."

James E. - Eastport, NY

"Thank you very much.  I am very happy with the service, especially a big thank you to Kevin and Kollin."

Barbara W. - Ridge, NY

"This should be it's own TV show!  Watching you guys work was incredible"

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To arrange for a free consultation please send pictures to or text them to 516-410-0164.  If texting please provide your name and address.

If the home is for sale you can also send us the MLS link.

EmptyUP - One Empty House, Coming Right Up!

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